1. Rusty Snippets

    Oklahoma Board of Education approves crackdown on teaching critical race theory

    Oklahoma’s Board of Education voted Monday to prohibit K-12 public school teachers from discussing eight different concepts about race — with violators potentially having their teaching license suspended. The 5-1 vote brings the board in alignment with a new state law, signed by Republican Gov...
  2. Rusty Snippets

    Race Is Now the Elephant in the Room

    We are in real danger of doing deep, lasting damage to the very fabric of our nation by making everything into an issue of race. In fact, the more we blame every problem on race, the deeper our race problems will get. We will see things that are not there. We will misdiagnose the symptoms. We...
  3. Rusty Snippets

    Georgia voting rights activists pressure big corporations to oppose GOP-backed ballot restrictions

    No one wants to acknowledge the 800lb elephant in the room.............. all of these groups are "POC" 'People of Color', thereby making it necessary for "People of No Color", eg white folks, to start organizing, They're forcing our hand! The color of a person's skin is the MAIN driving factor...
  4. snerd

    NYC students sue to stop gifted programs citing racial ‘caste system’

    I'm stumped by exactly what it is they want? We should just throw our entire Republic out the window and start again?! Because, really, you really really won't like being in that situation! A group of Big Apple high schoolers is suing the city and the state to eliminate Gifted & Talented...
  5. Rusty Snippets

    Farmers react to billions in COVID-19 relief bill for Black farmers:

    'Where did common sense go?' The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that President Biden is set to sign includes billions of dollars in debt relief and other assistance for farmers of color. But the incorporation of race-based criteria for that relief is leaving other farmers scratching...
  6. Rusty Snippets

    How Marxists Exploit Race

    We saw it in the 1930s. And on a larger scale, we’re seeing it now. On March 25, 1931, two white women, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates, claimed they had been raped by nine black teenagers along the railroad from Chattanooga to Memphis. In a town called Paint Rock, Alabama, a citizen posse took...