Dividing America: The Ongoing Culture War

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May 17, 2020
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The list of iconic American corporations attacking the state of Georgia grows by the hour. Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Delta have condemned Georgia's commonsense election reforms. Now other big businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. American Airlines and Dell have condemned similar election reforms advancing in Texas.

These companies are threatening to punish any U.S. state that requires a voter ID on Election Day. They claim that requiring a voter ID is a violation of civil rights. That's absurd!

But while these corporate giants are attacking Georgia and other U.S. states, they are desperately trying to please communist China. In fact, many of these companies fought President Trump when he tried to secure fair trade deals with China. Why? Because China's communist leaders told them to speak up for China if they wanted to do business there.

For decades Hong Kong has enjoyed free elections. But in recent years, communist China violated a treaty it signed and crushed liberty in Hong Kong. The Chinese communists have made it impossible for pro-democracy, pro-freedom candidates to be elected to anything in Hong Kong.

Coca-Cola and Delta falsely claim that Georgia is rolling back civil rights. But that's exactly what communist China did in Hong Kong. And these American companies haven't said a word in protest.

In fact, Coca-Cola, Intel, Procter & Gamble, and Visa are all corporate sponsors of the Olympic Games, which are scheduled to take place next year in Beijing.

Will any of these companies now condemning Georgia dare to condemn communist China or withdraw their sponsorships of the Beijing Olympics over China's suppression of freedom in Hong Kong or its concentration camps or its persecution of Christians?

There's a saying attributed to Vladimir Lenin that communism would ultimately prevail because stupid capitalists would sell the rope that the communists would use to hang them.

When the Soviet Union fell, I thought Lenin was wrong. But Coca-Cola, Delta, and other Fortune 500 companies seem intent on proving Lenin right.

Major League Hypocrisy

As we reported, Major League Baseball is moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to protest Georgia's new voter integrity law. According to various reports, they are moving the game to Denver, Colorado.

So just to be clear, in protest of a law that expands voting opportunities and includes provisions supported by nearly 70% of black Americans, Major League Baseball is taking a $100 million economic opportunity away from a majority-minority city and sending it to one of the least diverse cities in the country.

By the way, who elected these sports leagues and corporations to anything? These morally bankrupt franchises and companies can't stand up to the communist Chinese but they think they can dictate our election laws? C'mon man!