Mark Milley Deserves To Be Court-Martialed and Fired For Afghanistan Lies!

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May 17, 2020
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley is an utter disgrace to his uniform, to our Constitution, and to the great United States and its amazing people.

Joe Biden’s emergency Afghanistan press conference Monday accomplished exactly the opposite of instilling confidence in the American regime, by neither promising accountability for this catastrophic failure nor releasing a plan to stabilize the situation, reassure our allies, and recapture at least some deterrence against our watching enemies. This is a disaster with evil consequences that will reverberate long and far.

The lack of accountability worsens the debacle by teaching Americans, our friends, and our foes that things this grossly incompetent will happen again. As Ben Domenech pointed out Monday, “Whoever Biden doesn’t fire, their performance Biden believes is acceptable. If this is acceptable, how can the American people possibly trust the NSA, CIA, or the Pentagon? Even their most recent predictions were completely off. Once again, the intel community and expert class totally failed us, predicting this would take months and the Afghan army would fight.”

The right thing to do would be for Biden’s generals to all resign so he doesn’t have to. Top of the list is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, who has spent the entirety of the Biden administration — as well as well before it — playing politics instead of doing his job. Because of his lies and cowardice, Americans and Afghans have died and our national security has taken a massive blow.

Just juxtapose Milley’s behavior against the increasingly alarming timeline from a July 30, 2021 inspector general report to Congress. This timeline below, just of June and July, shows Milley publicly acknowledging increasing Taliban control of Afghanistan as the military he leads prepared to leave…….