Oklahoma Board of Education approves crackdown on teaching critical race theory

Rusty Snippets

Mr Conservative
Staff member
May 17, 2020
Oklahoma’s Board of Education voted Monday to prohibit K-12 public school teachers from discussing eight different concepts about race — with violators potentially having their teaching license suspended.

The 5-1 vote brings the board in alignment with a new state law, signed by Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt in May, prohibiting the teaching of critical race theory, which has become a topic of furious debate around the country in recent months.

Under the new law, teachers are prohibited from telling students that an individual is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive by virtue of their race or sex, either consciously or unconsciously. The law also prohibits teaching that any individual should feel discomfort or guilt on account of his or her race or sex, or that anyone should be discriminated against solely or partly because of their race or sex………..