Russia asks Google to block article questioning COVID-19 death toll

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Mr Conservative
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May 17, 2020
Our huge conglomerates of social media can’t get enough of Russia’s and China’s communist censoring of the actual truth. They cooperate solely for the $$$.

“Russia’s state media regulator, Roskomnadzor, has demanded that Google block a Russian news website’s article that claims Moscow may have dramatically undercounted coronavirus deaths.

The watchdog is also investigating reports by The New York Times and The Financial Times that analyzed official mortality data to see if Russia is undercounting deaths, to determine if the media organizations violated Moscow's law against disinformation, The Moscow Times reports.

Roskomnadzor sent a letter to Google calling on it to take down a write-up of FT’s analysis, written by MBKh Media, which estimated that 70 percent more Russians may have died from COVID-19 than officially confirmed by the country.

Next, Google informed MBKh Media, whose website is apparently hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, of the letter. Fox News reached out to Google for comment on this story......”